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Our Service Engineers are well qualified and very knowledgeable in their fields. They have extensive facilities backgrounds and are not on commission. No need to worry about our people trying to oversell. We don't believe in using multiple products to correct a problem. If we can control your water system's corrosion, scale and biological potential with a minimum amount of products, we do so.
bullet point Custom hand-crafted design
bullet point Specialized treatment programs to meet individual customer needs
bullet point Expert advice from experienced staff
bullet point 40+ years of combined experience
bullet point Mechanical engineer on staff
bullet point Nationwide engineer on staff
bullet point Well-versed in facilities maintenance solutions, as well as water treatment applications
professional installation
Cadel offers professional installations and supervision from our technical engineers. There are many advantages to setting up the water treatment controlling systems correctly the first time. We typically start a new system and increment parameters to their set points cautiously, while monitoring frequently during the first few months.
customer service and onsite visits
Our outstanding service consists of regular customer visits where the water is tested, the controls are checked and calibrated, and our customers are assured that all is well. After our visit, your facilities area is left clean, a complete report is given to your responsible personnel and any recommendations we can provide you to guarantee your water treatment program works efficiently. We are not your typical, sell-sell-sell company. Good Service Sells! Our business is to prevent scale and corrosion inside our customers' machinery, tools, and carrier tubing, making service our No. 1 Priority!




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We do it right the first time. Cadel engineers start by desiging a treatment system to meet your specific requirements. We provide you with a clean, efficient installation, and we monitor set points to ensure that your system is operating within the correct parameters.

Beyond Water Treatment

Cadel offers other unique services to compliment its corrosion & scale control treatment programs. Cadel has successfully designed and built "second use" water reclaiming systems for use as a feed water for towers in conjunction with treatment programs.

Sewer Charges?

Why pay sewer charges on evaporated water? Major cost saving systems have been accepted by cities and towns from a design of an approved sewer cost deduction system that is designed with the local sewer departments concerns of fraud considered. These systems take in considerations of monitoring true volume to sewer against the makeup volume entering a cooling tower system.

Cadel gives the extra for our customers.

Cadel Chemical is an environmentally driven company.

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