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Between service visits, Cadel engineers can monitor and adjust all Cadel treatment systems from any internet connection, anywhere in the world. With computer access and cell phone alerts, our engineers are able to respond to system alerts within 30 minutes, minimizing waste and saving costly downtime.
Monitoring Changes
bullet point Monitor changes within set-points, allowing us to spot harmful changes before they happen
Automated Alerts
bullet point Receive automated alert messages when values fall outside of set-points, or when values approach set points at specified rates of change
Real-Time Adjustments from Anywhere
bullet point Respond to alerts and adjust system settings in real-time, from anywhere
Efficiency Evaluation
bullet point Evaluate system efficiency by measuring water volumes to and from each cooling system
Access for Your Personnel
bullet point Your key personnel can be provided with 24/7 access to your system’s on-line monitoring & reports, and your personnel can receive daily e-mail graphs.
set points


We are capable of 24 hour monitoring at many of our facilities. This approach minimizes the workload of your facilities personnel. All information (every hours worth) is available through our server, including:

bullet point incoming and outgoing water volumes
bullet point conductivity, temperature,ORP
bullet point alarms, and more

If system has an alarm our staff receives a warning text signal through cell phones and email and can respond immediately, from anywhere. Once on line with the unit, we can determine the problem and diagnose for a solution.

Sections can be shut off until personnel at the plant can physically check them, if needed.

Remote monitoring minimizes costly waste of chemicals, water and downtime.

Cadel has been successfully using and offering this approach since May 1997.

UPDATE: The Web Advantage is working out well at our latest facilities in Forsyth, GA

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