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No Tanker Trucks
For many of our water treatment systems, we have been able to eliminate the need for tank trucks and universal blend, heavy drums.

Lower Prices
Through a process of on-site blending, concentrated solutions in 5 gallon pails and well engineered systems, we have been able to drop pricing for many of our customers.

Quick Formula Changes
Our concentrated systems also allow our engineers to change formulas in the field, reducing both time and waste. Paired with our 24/7 monitoring and on-site visits, your system can be adjusted for optimum efficiency without waiting weeks or even months for your next tanker truck.

concentrates not water

We don't sell water, we sell concentrates. While each application is unique, we work to develop the most efficient concentrate for your needs.

At Cadel, we are continuously developing new concentrations and refining concentrations for our customers. We believe in delivering the most cost-effective solutions for your specific applications.



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Cadel designs affordable water treatment programs and control systems for cooling towers, boilers, and closed loop water process systems. Our treatment systems are easily maintained and very customer-efficient.

We do the design and preparation with defined water analysis and Cad layouts. Our experience allows us to provide additives and equipment that will perform for each application. All systems are custom fit with your financial concerns strongly considered.

While industry emphasis is primarily focused on the chemical additive as the cure, we have found that consistent, advanced control over ratio injection of products will give a more efficient program. Cadel's objective is to move forward with technology and maintain focus on strong customer service without razzle-dazzle marketing schemes and high-pressure sales.


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