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Cadel Chemical & Supply Co., Inc. was founded in 1981 by Mr. Leo Lindenmayer and Mr. John Casey. As a chemical engineer working in the water treatment industry since 1954, Leo embraced hands-free water treatment technology. Leo was a leader in controlling chemistry through automated chemical control systems.



In 1987, Jeff Richard became Vice President of Cadel Chemical. As a former Plant Manager at Galley Industries and Assistant Plant Engineer at Amarin Plastics (now Georgia Pacific), his background in facilities automation and design keeps Cadel Chemical on the leading edge of automated chemical control systems. Upon the passing of Mr. Lindenmayer in 1995, Jeff became President of Cadel Chemical.

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Jeff and the Cadel Chemical team are dedicated to continuing Mr. Lindenmayer’s and Mr. Casey’s vision for custom, economical, automated chemical control systems. From the addition of a Mechanical Engineer to the Cadel Chemical team, to 24/7 real-time web based monitoring and control, to cost-saving concentrated solutions, Cadel Chemical continues to offer innovative treatment options.



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Cadel Chemical specializes in the field of water treatment for controlling corrosion, scale and biofouling in cooling and heating water systems. Incorporated 1981.

Our emphasis is on getting the job done right without all of the promotional tech-data on "wonder chemistry". Common Sense
cures only! We use only safe, approved materials in our blends. We specialize in treatment programs for the plastic industry!

In addition to our work with water treatment systems, Cadel is very active in the community with youth sport sponsorships, school advisory and council committeemen, and many other worth while causes.

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